Saturday, January 3, 2015

Alien Erotica and Banned Books.

One of my favorite Authors got a book banned on Amazon today.  She was very upset about it and understandably so.  The book did so well it allowed her to quit her day job and write full time so for it to get banned was an emotional and financial blow for her.
  The book is about the actual slave trade and there's a rape scene in the book.  My book, Witch Slave also has a rape scene in it.  It wasn't something I planned and I've gone back and forth on including it but hearing today that her book got banned for its rape scene (which honestly wasn't all that brutal has me wondering if I should include it.
  It also really pisses me off.  Part of what I liked about Indie writing is the creative freedom but if  book is going to get banned for something like that . . . . 
  The rape in my book is not brutal either.  She's raped during a medical exam and a man she thought she could trust holds her down during the rape.  She gets arouse during the rape and even has an orgasm, but feels horribly guilty after and has to be drugged so that she doesn't feel upset about it anymore.  I've read some sexually brutal fiction on Amazon.  One of them includes an extremely brutal female circumcision and that book is still there.
  Erotic is not easy for me to write but it would really upset me to have one of the first few books I've written banned from Amazon, especially since this is my first attempt at erotica.  Its new to me and its not easy.  But I this series is Alien romance and people that read alien romance have expectations.  

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