Tuesday, December 30, 2014

I just got the Best review on "Be Careful What You Wish For"

1.For the length of the piece, the pace of the story was perfect.
2. The events are captivating and exciting.
3. The use of words brought me right into the story. Even though I grew up there, I felt like any reader will get transformed into the moment.
4. The Booger Hollow historical section could be a reference and still hold the same meaning. I thought to myself, at first, that this comment exists only because I have been there and it wasn't fair to other readers who do not know the site, but I went back and re-read it with an outsider state-of-mind and the comment still held.
5. The BMW symbolism is a great use of literary unity and gives obvious cues to the next event. I admit, I caught the cues but secretly wished they weren't symbols. It really helps the reader become Gracie in the story.
6. The author has a unique style and scores of talent as a writer. She states that this work is based off of a dream. I can relate to this piece because i have had dreams similar to the vector she presents here. It was very easy for me to be right there with Gracie.
7. The author, also, states the lack of the use of an editor. In regards to this; I do not disagree with her decision. I will, however suggest, that she find 3 or 4 reliable friends to critique her word usage, spelling, and grammar as written. I do believe her thoughts are complete and separated correctly. I, also, know writers are not perfect and misspelling words here and there is absolutely normal. A writer writes for content, the editor is the technical one. The author does not need to be plagued with what an editor thinks she is writing and change the context. Just clean up the vocabulary usage to what is intended and add structure a handful of sentences.
8. Gracie is not the character most readers expect. She is realistic to her circumstances. She is what real girls from that life are. The author doesn't sugar coat or disillusion how strong of an influence that even a bad parent can have on a child's self worth and expectations of their behavior.
9. The last event is unexpected but expected at the same time. The reader wants to not believe their gut feeling and ends up surprised in the end moments, but then kicks his/herself for knowing it was coming when he/she sits back and processes the event in his/her mind. I, surprisingly, felt relieved and no pity for Gracie during the last event, like I did through the entire storyline. It is short drop but complete.
10. I give it 4 star rating, but only because of the Booger Hollow part. I say this because completely interrupts the story, make it a shorter and more to the point reference and I would give it 5 stars.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Riding the Rails in my Dreams

©  | Dreamstime Stock Photos
I dreamed while I napped today. I was traveling Europe with that creepy guy with a mustache from American horror story. We weren't traveling in a car though. We were following railroad tracks and we saw things other people traveling Europe probably didn't see. This got me thinking. What is a woman lost everything she had. Car, home, job, everything's and just packed a backpack one day and started following the railroad tracks. What if she encountered vampires, werewolves, and other oddities? It was a simple dream, but I think its a cool backdrop for a story. It would also be pretty cool to use this to make an ongoing series and a good use of the many random but short dreams I have that are not really detailed enough to turn into a story.

Be Careful what you Wish for is live on Amazon.

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Amazon and Smashwords are currently the only places its live but its a start.  This is a particularly nice moment for me.  Its my first book and for all I know it might suck and I might never sell a copy but it took me several months to learn how to do anything that went into writing it.  I had to learn the in's and outs of Microsoft Word.  Then I had to learn how to format the book to be published on eBook reading devices such as Kindle.  By far the most daunting challenge came from learning how to use the free photo editing software Gimp.  Learning that little free program was probably the biggest challenge of all of them because I've only ever used very simple photo editing software.  I'd never even heard of a "layer".  I am very lucky some wonderful people made how to videos on Gimps use and posted them to YouTube.  I  found Gimptricks videos to be especially useful.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Vampires in my Dreams

Photo credit to Abdone @ Dreamstime.com
Last night I dreamed I was a vampire. My husband Dennis and my stepdaughter Sharon were going to turn me in to the police for killing my stepson Chris if I didn't turn them into vampires. I had a pair of slippers covered in his blood they were going to use as evidence. After I turned them we went to visit our friend Roddy in Fort Smith. We took the interstate and ran instead of driving. I was concerned about accidentally stepping on a tree branch and ending up with a splinter in my heart. 

While it was one of those dreams I don't want to wake up from I probably wont be turning that one into a book. The part about me being afraid of accidentally killing myself while traveling at high speed and getting a tree branch stuck in my heart might be something to use if i ever write a vampire book though so I'll put it in the dreams file anyway.

Monday, December 22, 2014

My first eBook is finally uploaded

I might not sell a damn one them but my first eBook is finally uploaded to Smashwords and waiting approval.  Its a cheap .99 cents because its only 20,000 words.  I honestly couldn't drag anymore out of Gracie Allen's story.  But it is my first and I'm proud of it no matter how short and poorly edited it might be.  I designed the cover myself also because I'm to broke right now to pay someone the 5 bucks to do it.  Scratching together 7 dollars to buy a photo of the beautiful model on the cover was a stretch this time of year.  I was lucky to find the background and the coyotes in the free section of the stock photo sight I use.