Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Vampires in my Dreams

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Last night I dreamed I was a vampire. My husband Dennis and my stepdaughter Sharon were going to turn me in to the police for killing my stepson Chris if I didn't turn them into vampires. I had a pair of slippers covered in his blood they were going to use as evidence. After I turned them we went to visit our friend Roddy in Fort Smith. We took the interstate and ran instead of driving. I was concerned about accidentally stepping on a tree branch and ending up with a splinter in my heart. 

While it was one of those dreams I don't want to wake up from I probably wont be turning that one into a book. The part about me being afraid of accidentally killing myself while traveling at high speed and getting a tree branch stuck in my heart might be something to use if i ever write a vampire book though so I'll put it in the dreams file anyway.

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